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The SMRC delivers innovative and sustainable waste
management solutions for the benefit of our communities
and the environment. The SMRC operates the Regional
Resource Recovery Centre (RRRC) in Canning Vale.

The Regional Resource Recovery Centre


Through our vision, we deliver solutions that divert waste from landfill, we support a community of shared responsibility and we have a business model that supports the delivery of long term sustainable waste solutions.

The RRRC – what it is and how it works »

FOGO 3-Bin Trial

  • The 3-Bin Food Organics Garden Organics or FOGO system trial will be the first of its kind in the Perth Metropolitan area.

  • Watch the FOGO video »

SMRC Virtual Tours

  • These videos have been developed with the support of the Waste Authority of WA. You may not be able to attend a tour personally due to time or accessibility constraints, so please click and enjoy learning.

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Planning For The Future

Planning For The Future

  • Following extensive consultation with and input from Member Councils, the following Plans were unanimously adopted by the SMRC in June 2016.

  • Download the Plans here »

The SMRC develops environmentally sustainable waste management solutions for the community


News and Information

Southern Metropolitan Regional Council at the Perth Royal Show

Click here to view our latest annual report, available to view online or download, as well as access to many other important documents.
Business Plan Covers

Following extensive consultation with Member Councils, the following plans were unanimously adopted by the SMRC Council on the 30th of June.
• Strategic Community Plan
• Corporate Business Plan
• Strategic Waste Management Plan
Southern Metropolitan Regional Council at the Perth Royal Show

The SMRC are involved in many fantastic events throughout the year, such as the Perth IGA Royal Show and the Waste and Recycle Conference.
Southern Metropolitan Regional Council E News

The SMRC E News is a great way to keep informed about operations at the RRRC, pick up great recycling tips, and learn more about sustainable activities…



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The Materials Recovery Facility at the SMRC

The RRRC offers free tours which are designed to educate visitors about the recycling process, and allow safe and exciting views from observation decks into the various facilities…READ MORE

Recycle Right brought to you by the SMRC

Recycle Right is a campaign brought to you by the SMRC, which encourages and assists residents and businesses in Western Australia to recycle, reduce their rubbish and buy…READ MORE

The WREN at the Southern Metropolitan Regional Council

The Waste Recycling Education Network, (the WREN) is an independent group of community volunteers (residents) from SMRC member councils, established to help increase community understanding…READ MORE