• A minimum of 4 calibrated, experienced odour assessors are used
    • There are 4 gridded assessment areas (with up to 12 locations in each) which correspond to different wind directions (E, ESE, SE, SSE)
    • Up to 2 gridded areas are assessed each field session (if no wind change the first area is repeated)
    • Assessors are ‘staggered’ and rotate locations within the gridded assessment area. Each location is assessed twice (by different assessors)
    • Assessors rank presence of odour every 10 seconds for 10 min at each location, using German Standard VDI 3882/3490 scale 0 to 6 (not perceptible, very weak, weak, distinct, strong, very strong, extremely strong)
    • The assessment area (and locations within) is considered to be impacted when an intensity rank of 2 (or greater) is observed for 20% (or greater) of the dataset / time period.


Click the button below to download a full description of the methodology used for odour assessment in PDF format (2mb).

*EAQ consultants now conduct monthly Field Ambient Odour Assessments for the SMRC, however the FAOA methodology as outlined in the below document has not changed*