Waste Reduction & Recycling Education Network

Who is the WREN?

The Southern Metropolitan Regional Council (SMRC) Waste Reduction & Recycling Education Network, (the WREN) is an independent group of community volunteers (residents) from SMRC member councils, established to help increase community understanding of the importance of waste, recycling, and greater awareness of the activities of the SMRC.

The WREN is a valued advisor to the SMRC.

Why are we here?

The WREN seeks to engage behavioural change with respect to waste and recycling by residents in the south metropolitan region for a more sustainable community.

The SMRC Waste Reduction & Recycling Education Network (WREN) aims to:

    • Gather community feedback and suggestions to assist the SMRC with its operations and decision making.
    • Increase community understanding of the importance of resource recovery
    • Help the SMRC to respond more effectively to issues concerning waste management
    • Promote effective management of RRRC operations to benefit residents.

What the WREN does

    • The WREN meets regularly between February and November and members also participate in Regional Council workshops.
    • Members take part in community events and are always willing to listen to residents’ questions and comments concerning waste, recycling, and sustainability

Contact us, have your say, or join the WREN contact:

SMRC WREN Chair: Mrs Isabelle Gagnon

Deputy Chair: Mr Jesse Williams

write: SMRC Waste Recycling Education Network PO Box 1501, Booragoon WA 6154

Or email the WREN at smrc@smrc.com.au.

For more information: